The sad reality about teenage pregnancy



My Grade 9 daughter and niece recently brought home eggs from school which they are supposed to take care of for a month.  This was an ingenious plan by one of the teachers to raise awareness on the problems that teenagers face when they have to raise children

Good effort – for the teachers who are trying to educate children on teenage pregnancy.  Unfortunately, some children out of rebellion cooked and ate the eggs as soon as they got home to make fun of the whole exercise.  The eggs apart from being fragile, really wouldn’t really work in this endevour.

Here is why it wouldn’t’ work.stress

An egg doesn’t cry or nag at inappropriate times, neither does it poop at meal times, throw tantrums and embarrass you in public places. 

You do not have to spend your pocket money on diapers.

Nor does it stopping you from going out with friends because you do not have a baby sitter.

Unlike with an egg, having a real baby can make you lose friends.  The will shun you because you are no longer cool to hang out with and reek of breast milk.  They can’t relate to you because all you talk about is baby this or that. 

People know that without a shadow of doubt that you are naughty and us chasing adult stuff instead of books that even the most promiscuous bunch look like saints only because they didn’t get pregnant. They judge you harshly

The worst is when the father of the child rejects paternity or responsibility then completely cuts off ties.  You will have seen him with his latest conquest who looked down on you, thinking she is the bomb and so much better than you or so you will think.

Your family but most of all your mother will carry the burden of guilt and shame, has to explain to relatives and neighbours.  But that is nothing compared to the financial burden they have to carry.    Parents already have to provide their child and might not be even coping, now how then do they have to deal with the extra cost of baby clothes, food and accessories, day-care and medical costs?

jugglerI find that teenagers haven’t got the slightest idea of what they can get themselves into.  How challenging and difficult it is for adults to go to work, try to raise kids and provide adequately for them.  How you have to lose yourself to give ‘you’ to that little person.  Where you decide you will not eat until that person has eaten or been clothed.  Where you will find that the life and the existence of that little person take centre stage, whether you like it or not.  It is a constant self sacrifice.

I always drum it into my girls’ head, they have told me not to since they have had some first-hand experience in childcare by helping me raise Justin my 2 year old, who has a mind of his own and wants to rule the world.  If they have to stay with him for a few hours while I am out on an errand, they are happy to hand him over even before I step inside the house.

2 thoughts on “The sad reality about teenage pregnancy

  1. I don’t have a baby yet but I technically helped raise my younger sibs. Challenging is an understatement. Must be the reason why I don’t feel the rush to have my own babies though I’m of legal age now. Hopefully, our teens will think things through before they get themselves into motherhood.

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