Child Development

IMG_20140705_171153Justin is 33 months old and of late I have noticed that he is really becoming a big boy.   I can actually identify and pinpoint areas where he has developed.

Just yesterday he managed to put on a pair of shorts unaided.  Wow!!! So proud of him.

Today he walked to the shops and back, which is over a kilometre away.  I wanted to carry him like I usually do but now he utterly refuses to be carried around.

Of late he  uses one hand to hold his penis when peeing so that he can direct the flow of his urine.  Two months ago he just would thrust his pelvis forward and hope he doesn’t mess his pants.

When going to day-care, he sometimes lets me carry his backpack but as we draw close to the school, he wants to carry it himself.  I guess he wants to make an impression to his peers that he is not a baby that his mum thinks he is.

He doesn’t swallow fluoride when brushing his tooth, knows he should spit it out.  He also knows he should rinse his mouth and always does, if he doesn’t get distracted by something.

One of his best achievements to date is letting me go, he can say goodbye without making a fuss.  He can talk about me while I am gone but he will not nag.

I am so proud of his latest achievements which however are little reminders that sooner or later I will have to cut loose the apron strings

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