Ridiculous selfies!!! But how come they are popular?

Inspired Mom

selfies-w-kidPoor boy!!! People there is a disease called a selfie, and almost everyone has caught this bug.  Since the advent of cellphones, we all have at one time taken selfies.  I don’t know how we got tired of taking proper pictures and decided to be more inventive by taking ridiculous selfies.  I have vowed and will never take the latest kind of selfie mainly because I think it is a silly trend that is overrated.

What is so cool about taking a picture with your mouth screwed as if it was quickly sewn by a mortician, who was rushing for a lunch break?  Or trying to be sexy or funny, sometimes at the expense of those around us.  What would possess someone to take a picture looking like this?

jessica-simpson-pregnant-bikini-pictures-e1383793796417This is beyond hope and redemption.  Poor unborn baby, imagine if this picture surfaces when he is a teenager and people…

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