Ridiculous selfies!!! But how come they are popular?


selfies-w-kidPoor boy!!! People there is a disease called a selfie, and almost everyone has caught this bug.  Since the advent of cellphones, we all have at one time taken selfies.  I don’t know how we got tired of taking proper pictures and decided to be more inventive by taking ridiculous selfies.  I have vowed and will never take the latest kind of selfie mainly because I think it is a silly trend that is overrated.

What is so cool about taking a picture with your mouth screwed as if it was quickly sewn by a mortician, who was rushing for a lunch break?  Or trying to be sexy or funny, sometimes at the expense of those around us.  What would possess someone to take a picture looking like this?

jessica-simpson-pregnant-bikini-pictures-e1383793796417This is beyond hope and redemption.  Poor unborn baby, imagine if this picture surfaces when he is a teenager and people have long forgotten there was something called a selfie around the time he was conceived.  Imagine trying to explain a silly trend that he has no idea about.

The duck or squirrel like faces are the worst.  You can’t even call it a pout, it reminds me of a game we used to play when we were kids.  We used to fill our mouth with water, puff out cheeks am much as we could to take in and hold as much water as duck-lips-e1383783102563possible.  Then open our lips slightly and try to squirt the water at whatever target for as long as possible.  Kids play that is what it is, and no sane person must do it and worst of all put it on the internet.

Whatever happened to just smiling or whichever way you chose other than that ridiculous mouth screwing or duck like poses.    But as humans, we like trends and so the madness continues



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