Just Listen



God, Karma, Universe whatever your beliefs are, has a very funny way of rewarding the wicked. One of the most under rated evil habit that humans have developed and are nurturing, is talking our peers down.

We are so opinionated and feel that what we think or feel about the next person is what is right for them. We even begin to believe that it is definitely what they need and can even get angry should they feel otherwise.

When the victim of this practice chooses otherwise we eagerly watch and wait for their downfall so that we can be justified in saying “I told you so”.  We do not see the bigger picture or even take time to listen and understand where our peers are coming from, what they envision and where they intend to go from way they are.

We do not even have faith to believe in a friend, we can even crush and kill their dreams because we want to voice our opinion basing on salmonour beliefs and norms. We do not realise that at times we actually contribute to the downfall by being negative and not giving our friends the benefit of doubt and encourage them in what they aspire to be.  Sometimes one has got to get through against  the current for their own survival.  Who are you to judge what is right for them or not?

What we often miss or don’t realise is that we maybe killing our own destiny in the process. The dream that you kill with your own words can be your own opportunity to rise to heights with the person you are squashing. We can in the process lose a very good friendship.  Just stop talking, listen and consider the other person’s feelings.

Should you drift apart as friends because of the toxicity of your words, and you begin to see the rise and success of your friend. Don’t be offended when they don’t stop by to say hello. Don’t start making claims that they wouldn’t have been where they are if it hadn’t been for you because you did such and such for them. It is God’s way of rewarding you for lacking faith and trying to kill someone’s destiny by the irresponsible use of your mouth.  If you had chosen to walk with them, you may not only benefit but get to bask in the glory of their success because your friend knows how you stood with them in tough times.

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