Bucket toilet system

Open letter to bucket toilet system designer.


To whoever designed the bucket toilet system, what were you really thinking? I have some questions that I would love to hear you answer.
Do you have a family?
Did you design it for family use? By this I mean that, is this bucket meant to be used by the whole family, parents, children and extended family, because usually Africans as whole live as extended family. Maybe each household will have 6-8 people to using it, will it be adequate for the whole family use?
How is it kept?
How did you envision the users store or keep it? I can’t imagine it being kept in the house where people, sleep, cook and eat. It is their home, would like to have dinner next to a bucket full of poop and piss. Keeping it outside is not really an option as one runs the risk of it being abused by strangers, what was your ingenious plan on how they keep this bucket?

How often must it be emptied?
In your wonderful mind, how long do you think they must keep the poop and piss, before they have to take it to the designated point to be emptied? To make matters worse one family member has to walk for about a kilometre to the designated drop and collection point

How hygienic is this bucket?
Would you recommend a pre-scholar uses this bucket after everyone else in the household including visitors. How do the users themselves keep a bucket full of poop and piss hygienic, what is your advice? Somebody decided they should be equipped with gloves when they take it to the designated point, was that part of the plan? How do you curb the risk of urinary tract infections and other related infections, I shudder as I try to imagine.

What are the methods of using the bucket?
So does one have to crouch or kneel when using the bucket, because as a woman I am not able to squirt my stuff directly into a small hole, I would have to kneel or crouch to direct the flow of the pee. And what happens when I am doing no.2, especially if I have bout of diarrhoea, what are my chances of not having an accident on the floor of my one roomed home? And if it’s that time of the month, how best does one use it without causing accidents?

Here is what I think about you and your ingenious plan and to those who have made you rich because of your design. You obviously do not see the end users as human. Whatever was in your mind when you designed it, you certainly knew you would be not be using it all. I want to believe you are human like the rest of us and could cut you some slack and say maybe it was just an experiment for some science project. That you were actually surprised that someone wanted to buy repetitively for a whole nation. I really can’t blame you for cashing in on someone else’ degradation and misery, it is the way of the world. This is exactly what it is making cash out of misery of the poor.

But I will not leave it there, since you came up with this ingenious plan, I now beseech you to stop producing them and please don’t even sell the patent.   Just tell them you have made enough money and you know that no human being needs to and should be using these buckets.   Please highly recommend that they be incinerated with immediate effect. Don’t even let them talk you into improving the design just tell them it’s over.    Should you not have fulfilled all your dreams with the millions you made, please sit down and come up with a real portable toilet system designed for real people like yourself.     Please only contact your buyers if and when you come up with a real  HUMANE toilet system design.

Yours truly

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