Just in case I haven’t thanked you

I am not going to say thank you for the million bucks you gave me because I am sure I would have jumped, hugged, squeezed you and shouted at the top of my voice for the world to hear.

Neither am I going to thank you for the things that you did in full view of everyone.

But today I am going to thank you for the smallest things, that you did when no one was watching, without giving thought or didn’t even expect me to thank you for. Those things that you have done for so many other people just because you are you.

Thank you for giving me a lift in the rain.
Thank you for opening your door even when you didn’t feel like company
Thank you for kind words, when you spared my heart from damage
Thank for letting me rumble on about myself when you yourself needed to let out stuff
Thank you for thinking of me and checking up on me, you called at the right moment
Thank you for standing up for me even when I was aware.
Thank you for reaching out even when I didn’t notice, I was too busy.
Thank you for believing in me and letting everyone know my worth
Thank you for reading my mind and taking action when I felt helpless
Thank you for taking the burden,even when I thought I could do it by myself

Through all of this you showed me that you are my true friend. So just in case I was too busy to thank you, today I have decided to thank you and hope that one day I can be the friend that you have been to me.

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