When is too much, too much???

As life’s struggles continue to hit me, I often get surprised at myself as to how far I have come and survived and if I will continue to survive.
Apart from the craziness that I am currently dealing with, a new catastrophe of epidemic proportions if looming. Together with my children, I am part of the 250 000 Zimbabweans living in South Africa, who were issued with special work permits are due to be sent back to Zimbabwe because South Africa can no longer accommodate us.
What does it all mean to a Zimbabwean like me, to my children and our livelihood? I have lived in South Africa for the last 6 years, my son was born here in and my daughter is in school here. Because of the constant challenges I have faced in my stay in South Africa, I have not been able to live comfortably or afford to build a life for myself should I return to Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe our home country cannot absorb all the 250 000 of its own people because the economy is in doldrums. Botswana is now also contemplating driving out Zimbabweans.
When the day comes for us to pack and leave, where will I head to with my kids? Probably back to Zimbabwe to start rebuilding my life from scratch.It means I will have to look for a means of income where there 80% unemployment, a roof of our head since I do not own a house in Zimbabwe, a school for my daughter.
Because we will not be the only ones in this situation, I am sure everything will quadruple in prices because of the high demand. With no money what will we survive on??? A source of many sleepless nights I have had to endure.
I have been quite, trying to quieten my soul, to stand in faith and believe that whatever happens it will work in my favour somehow. That as bleak and darker the situation gets, I will find a way out somehow I have survived and will survive…
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