A mother’s grief as observed by a teenager

As grey clouds fill the sky
So does the pain that fills her heart
As sudden cries ring all around her
She looks at him, her fragile peaceful baby.

She looks at the shoes she bought him the past summer
His shiny little bald head as if reflecting all the happiness he brought her
The contrast of his dark eyes lashes against his nutmeg colored chubby cheeks
She is drawn to him, wanting to cuddle him again one more time

But its too late now
How could she have known,
How could God take away her reason to live,
Her happiness, she doesn’t understand

She looks at the rose in her hand
Her love, the first and last gift to him
As she places it across his little chest
She closes her eyes, to hide forever

She imagines holding him again
His small warm body against her chest
But when she opens her eyes
She sees the small coffin being lowered into the ground

She wants to run and save him
Tell everyone that she can’t let go
She can’t lose him forever
She would rather go with him

She struggles against those holding her
Finds her strength ebbing away
She finally lets out a wail,
Allows the tears she has been holding back to fall

Her kinsman and community cry with her
She finds strength in those who hold her
Slowly it is becoming true that her boy is gone
He may be gone but certainly not forgotten

(Written by Nyasha Makumbe 4/7/14)

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