My beloved friend and mentor

When I first saw her, she was sitting at the end of the table like the head with people around her looking like subjects intently listening to their queen. I would see her on several occasion particularly on Wednesdays and I used wonder what she was about. Why everyone kind of looked up to her. She always seemed to be sharing something with them. Maybe she is a rich, famous, celebrated figure I thought to myself and I was right but not in the way I thought.

She is rich indeed, giving of herself to whoever she encounters. She has made it her point to give everyone she meets something. Could be a kind word, word of advice, money if she has, sometimes emptying her pockets, but what she gives most is love even to perfect strangers. There seems to be a huge never ending well of inspiration, abundance and strength inside of her that often makes me wonder how she does it. When I ask her, she says she has no idea, motivating others also motivates her so she makes it a point to motivate someone every day. Wow!!!

Because she spreads love, motivation and inspiration wherever she goes, she is known throughout the world even in places she has never been. They have come to know and share the story of a remarkable woman who has made it her life’s mission to serve others.

We celebrate her for her sterling work but mostly for just being who she is. Even her guide dog Shyan is also celebrated getting loads of pats and cuddles where they go are called to inspire and motivate. She is a businesswoman in her own right heading several organizations and is also an ambassador to South African Guide Dogs, raising funds so that more people can be helped with the services of guide dogs. She has studied Human Design to get a better understanding of herself and others the imparting the knowledge to everyone she encounters.

At times she gets mad when someone who is not disabled uses the disabled parking spot, I laugh at her because I know that she doesn’t realize that because of her aura, drive and energy, even strangers see her past the disability which I prefer to call limitation, because there is no way in hell disability can achieve all that she does especially for the so called abled.

She motivates, advises and inspires me and I want to thank her for taking the time to see me past my own limitation and loving me just as I am. Thank you my friend and mentor Dawn Pilatowicz.

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