Hearing yourself speak

To say I am a public speaker, I don’t think I possess such skills.   Only when I am arguing, I guess I forget myself and will try to get my point across by all means necessary.   How then do some people manage to ramble on for hours at everyone’s expense just because they like to hear themselves speak?

Could it be that they often lack platforms to speak at or they just like the fact that everyone is listening to them?  Someone in church (a small room with about 30 people) will get up and start by saying, “I would like to say one two words” then they go on for 20 minutes.  When given a hint to stop, they will ask for another 2 minutes which becomes another 12 minutes.   When did two words become a 20 minutes speech and when did two minutes really become twenty.   Half the time, these kind of speeches are not planned and the person will touch on everything and nothing.  The poor listeners are forced to smile and nod in agreement, shout “Amen!”, even if they had momentarily lost concentration and have no idea what they are agreeing too.

As a mum with a two year old toddler who really has a mind of his own, I struggle and I am almost brought to tears in these kind of scenarios.   Justin will only sit still (fidgety on my lap) maximum tw minutes.  Then he will start ask for a drink, sit still for another 15 minutes while he downs it.   Followed by 5 minutes of putting up his next action plan into gear.  He then tells me, his feet are too warm, he wants to take the shoes off, I try to ignore him.  He will nag until I give in because of his whining which is now creating rude stares.  Another 5 minutes while he brews another attention seeking demand.    Now his foot or finger is suddenly sore, he starts whining again, I blow or kiss the “sore” part just to keep him quite again.  Then he decides he is hungry he wants a snack, but eating is not allowed in church.  Now I am at wits end, and church’s programme of is not even half way because someone is enjoying the sound of their own voice.  A two and half hour church service suddenly becomes four hours, how do you keep a toddler entertained in such a scenario?

He whines on and off until he tires himself out then all hell breaks out.   He now wants me to carry me on back so that he can get all cozy and drift to sleep.    I resist because everyone is seated, I can’t just get up and put a child who is considered by some as being too old to be wrapped on the back like a baby,  Well, he is my baby and I know he will instantly fall asleep like that but I also don’t want to be judged.  The debate goes on and on in mind, while the speech drags on and by now he is whimpering or even howling I have to take him outside.  Then thankfully someone begin to sing a song to hint to the speaker that they have gone over time and I quickly put my baby on my back and then he thankfully goes to sleep for a while at least. Phew!!!

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