A baboon will go where there is food

Image   Ever since I moved to Cape Town in 2008, I have heard so many arguments about baboons.  some against and some in support of baboons.  The Cape baboon from what I heard come into your house like some commando force,  forcing you to go into instant hide outs, then they ransack your house.   The are so well adapted that they know how to open car doors, sliding doors, pull up windows, pull out drawers.  This makes them a serious menace as they always leave a trail of distraction.   Some want them removed or even killed.  Some empathize and say we have taken their space so they are now coming into ours. Us humans feel like we are the only beings with a right to live on this planet, doing whatever we want when we please.  We have made the mistake that we don’t see a fly as irritating as it may be as being part of a bigger picture much bigger than us.  We should learn to share the environment with other creatures, they have a reason to be here. A friend of mine asked me how people in Zimbabwe have dealt with the problem, and I scratched my head trying to think and realized that we do not see them as a serious threat, but again in Zimbabwe almost everyone has a vegetable garden, fruit trees everywhere in the homes and the forest.  Yes people have invaded the baboons’ space and the baboons have retaliated by coming to raid the fields but not in the homes.  A stone throwing war usually ensues and quickly ends as the baboons know that there is plenty of fields to raid.  They quickly move on and come back another time. So there I thought was the solution, food forests are what the Cape baboons needs.  Start somewhere where the baboons are less concentrated, grow all sorts of crops, fruits and berries and nuts etc.  Once the crops are ready, move the baboons to forage on their own because as it is now they are not eating their natural diet and I am sure they have become selective.  Maybe try this out with one troop and see what happens. People have argued long enough, euthanized too many “problem” baboons, spend to much money.    Create food sources ,  not only the baboon will follow but other animals and creatures will come too.

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