– unplugging your own drain

– unplugging your own drain

So after two days with a blocked kitchen drain, dishwashing was proving to be a nightmare especially for my kids when doing their chores.  Not knowing what to do i went to buy a drain unplug powder and tried and nothing happened. Frantic I wished I had a plunger what was I to do.

I remembered seeing my ex unblock the drain some time ago, so I decided to try and do what he did,  Eureka! I successfully unblocked the drain without much ado though I was a bit worried i didn’t put the connections back properly but so far so good.

So today’s lesson for me was that, it doesn’t always have to be difficult or complicated because you feel that you can’t do it yourself and that somebody has got to do it for you.  It takes longer and can be more stressful just looking at your situation and will result in one feeling ever so helpless.  Of course they will be situations that  on cannot solve on your own but sometimes you can never know if you do not try doing something.




One thought on “– unplugging your own drain

  1. Good lesson for us all. Especially those of us (like me!) who are constantly asking for help. Thanks for the lesson

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