Sunday – Church

I have all my life been a nomadic church goer, never settling in one place.  Its like I go there for a purpose, which when fulfilled I have to move along.

Recently I moved to a township/slums and found myself going to a certain church.  I have never been a uniform person and always distanced myself from uniform wearing churches.  Well this one is and believe it or not, I somehow got one last week.

I really don’t know where this is gonna end really, coupled with fact that the skirt is  a Size 40 probably and  I am a size 36.    Actually I am getting ready to go to church, sometimes I dread because the people never come on time and are always talking about their husbands, never their children, I am single and somehow don’t fit in, another reason i have always distanced myself from these kinda of churches.

I must says however, I love the spirit of the couple that invited me, who are deacons, full of love for everyone.   Because these is under-privileged community,  they have to rent space to have church, no one wants to contribute towards the rent, the elders have to fork out from their pocket.

Previously they would rent a room at school for a R1000/month which was always an issue when it came to paying, half the people wouldn’t come for all sorts of reasons.   Now they have found a more reasonable place at half the price but they have to start at 13:00 to allow another group to allow another group to use the room in the morning.     The congregants mostly women are up in arms saying it is too late for them,  because they need to get home early to cook for their husbands.

This is despite the fact that they previously never came to church on time most coming to church around 12:00 instead of 09:30.   The elders though frustrated, persevere and keep things going trying to please everyone.  I feel for them, because they are trying to build something positive, against all odds and probably that’s why I signed up and got the uniform.

About not fitting in, I will chat about when I come back.

Much Love


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